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I can't activate the integration. What's the problem?

Please check these, and click Save again:

  1. Ensure you’ve pasted the credentials in the right fields (don’t paste the Client ID into the Client Secret field)
  2. Double-check for any misspellings or unwanted spaces in the credentials you entered.

Still need help? Write to us, and we solve it in a few hours.

Importing old orders and push to iDoklad?

Yes, you can import your old orders to Shopify, your documents will be created based on your trigger configurations. Our recommeded steps, before you import orders.

  1. Make sure, your integration is active (you entered your credentials successfully, and you see the green message on the dashboard)
  2. Configure the Triggers on the dashboard and Save your settings.
  3. Import 2-3 test orders, and check it everything works as you want. If you need help, contant us.
  4. After test, import all your old orders. Your documents will be created automatically. Congrats!
OSS label is not showed on my invoice. What is the problem?

To display the OSS label on your documents, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Please note that you need to configure your tax settings in Shopify first. There, you can determine if the OSS is the appropriate tax regime for your business.
  2. OSS forwarding is Turned on in Shopify Admin: Log in to Shopify Admin » Apps » iDoklad | Integration » Settings » OSS forwarding » Turned on
  3. OSS mode is enabled in your iDoklad account: Log in to iDoklad » Settings » Company » Accounting information » OSS mode » Enable
  4. Your Shopify store’s country code in the billing information (Settings » Billing information) is different from the country code of the customer’s billing address (which corresponds to the delivery address).
Can I connect multiple stores to one iDoklad account?

Yes, it is possible to enter the same iDoklad credentials to multiple stores, so if you have e.g: 3 stores, you can connect all 3 to one single iDoklad account.

How to put my company logo to invoice?

You can add your logo in the iDoklad in

Settings – Company / Logo and signature.

Created invoice will then have uploaded logo applied. 

iDoklad API quota has run out. How to buy more?

If the quota runs out, then contact iDoklad Customer Support directly and buy more limit so that you can continue to use our application and your subscription smoothly.

Settings & Documentation


Imported orders (for example, from a CSV file) work the same way as explained below.

You can configure what document (available documents are shown on the screenshot below) you want to create and exactly when (on what trigger). You can also check "Send the document in email to customer" in order to send the generated document to the customer. You can also disable it anytime. The triggers:

Trigger 1 » When order is paid

The document using this trigger will be created, IF a paid order is created  (or imported) OR an unpaid order is set to paid 

Trigger 2 » When any order is created 

The document using this trigger will be created, IF any type of order is created (or imported)

Trigger 3 » When unpaid order is created

The document using this trigger will be created, IF an unpaid order is created (or imported)

Trigger 4 » When order is fulfilled

The document using this trigger will be created, IF a fulfilled order is created  (or imported) OR an unfulfilled order is set to fulfilled 

Trigger 5 » Never 

The document using this trigger will never be created


Default document language

We aim to automatically select the language based on the customer’s country. If we can’t determine it, we use this.

Example – The country on the customer billing address is Poland, so the app tries to create the document in Polish, but since there is not Polish option in the dropdown list, the app uses the default value, which is German here.


Any text entered here will appear on the document for each item. If left blank, no unit name will be included on the invoice.

Example – If you enter “pc” here, you will see this unit name in every document item

Description of document

This text will be shown as a description of the document in iDoklad. You can use this merge tag: {{order_number}}

Example: if you write “This order is from XY Webshop, order number: {{order_number}}” this will be the description of your document, shown on your iDoklad dashboard. Additionally, you can use this description when composing the email that is sent to to the customer

Variable symbol

Choose a variable symbol to be included on your documents. It will be shown on the generated document. 

Example – If you choose Order number here, your order number (e.g.: #2134) will be shown on your documents.

Order cancelation

You have the flexibility to decide the outcome when you cancel an order in Shopify.


  • No canceling or deletion
  • Create a credit note in iDoklad
  • Delete the document in iDoklad

OSS forwarding

When turned on, documents for orders in the EU, except from your store’s country, will be labeled ‘OSS’ in iDoklad.

Don’t forget to set the OSS related VAT settings in your Shopify Admin!

Content parameters not listed above – that you can’t configure on your dashboard – work like this:

  • VAT » We use Shopify order data and your Shopify VAT settings
  • Currency » We use Shopify order data
  • Numbering sequence » We use your iDoklad default numbering sequence
  • Constant symbol » We use iDoklad default settings
  • Bank account information » We use iDoklad default settings

Need extra feature?

Tell us, what you need and we start work on it.

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