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Our mission is to simplify and automate tasks for EU Shopify Merchants by building Shopify Apps

iDoklad | Integration

Designed for Czech and Slovak merchants, who use iDoklad and Shopify together.

SuperFaktúra | Integration

Designed for Czech, Slovak and Austrian merchants, who use SuperFaktúra and Shopify together.

Fakturownia | Integration

Designed for Polish merchants, who use Fakturownia and Shopify together.

FastBill | Integration

Designed for German merchants, who use FastBill and Shopify together.

Vyfakturuj | Integration (Soon)

Designed for Czech and Slovak merchants., who use Vyfakturuj and Shopify together.

We can build anything...

You use a specific invoicing system, but there is no Shopify App for the integration yet? Tell us about it


Crafted in Budapest

Our headquarters and development center are located in Budapest, Hungary.

Founded in 2023 by Ben Badinszky and Boti Varsányi, our company has quickly established itself in its field. Ben spearheads our partnerships and marketing efforts, while Boti leads product development.

Presently, our great team consists of four dedicated members working in harmony to achieve our goals.

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iDoklad | Integration

SuperFaktúra | Integration

Fakturownia | Integration


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